this particular hitch

I though was my best friend

I used to sleep with her years and years ago

I hate her uncouth working glass mindset and idiotic gang connections

I simon Charlton hate all gangs

Bitch has tried to get me to know Gand muppets

Gangs are the lowest of the low

She not me is welcome to that life

I do not want to know about it

She had all my bank passwords and a key to my car also house

Trust is a thing I take seriously

She has broken my trust

I hate her

She is sleeping with men for money and is scum

Me personally simon Charlton like to be a law abiding citizen

I have been set up seriously

I have to go to court next week 

I urinated on common ground here on my path in the morning when it was dark

530 am then had a ciggie

I was emotionally distraut 

This bitch has stolen everything from me including my companies

She is horrible and I guess you know where this is going

I have months of untangling to do regarding the thrifts and fraud


Why go to the media, when there is word press.